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Compliance and Confidentiality

Hospital employees and health care professionals possess sensitive, privileged information about patients and their care. Patients properly expect that this information will be kept confidential. The Hospital takes very seriously any violation of a patient's confidentiality. Discussing a patient's medical condition, or providing any information about patients to anyone other than Hospital personnel who need the information and other authorized persons, will have serious consequences for an employee. Employees should not discuss patients outside the Hospital or with their families. The Compliance Officer or the Director of Human Resources can provide employees with further information regarding compliance and can direct questions to the proper person.


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Marshall County Hospital is the result of years of work and planning by the citizens of Marshall County. The first hospital opened in 1964 and our new facility became operational in 2009. A staff of 25 physicians offer professional medical care. In selecting one of our physicians, you can be assured of quality healthcare, and should you require hospitalization, be confident that the resources and services of this progressive healthcare organization are available to you. Approximately 250 employees staff the Marshall County Hospital and Ambulance Service.